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Anonymous asked:

I have PA and want to get nipple piercings but my nipples are really tiny and difficult to get hold of. Would stretching be the right solution? If yes, where can I buy kit?

Interesting question, I’m surprised I haven’t been asked this one yet.

A piercer with a solid free hand technique should have no issue piercing small nipples. I’ve found that using clamps can cause the piercing to be too deep or through the areola.

Stretching is more of a personal decision. I would actually never suggest it to fix a problem with a piercing. If you feel that it would benefit you aesthetically, then go for it (about a year after the piercings are done).

I also will never promote a “stretching kit” or tell anyone to use them. Typically they are made of cheap materials and can overall be harmful to your piercing(s). Buy the pieces separately so you can ensure proper material quality and fit of the jewelry.

It may be more expensive that way, but it will be worth it in the end if you want to maintain your happy, healthy piercings. :)

~MikeyXZ, admin


Anonymous asked:

Hey, before I start, I want to thank you for your amazing tumblr and for you always answer our questions. This is what happens: I've noticed that one of my nipple piercing was placed wrong when I got done it, I want to keep stretching it but it seems like some day there's going to be just a little bit of flesh keeping the metal bar, I've wondered if it's possible to take that bar out and let the hole close and then pierce it again. Is it possible? If yes, do you mind how much time does it takes?
No problem :) always here to help & share some knowledge.

How large is it currently? If it is still small, I suggest you let it ‘close’ and getting it repierced. Depending on size, it could take from a few weeks to a few months.

For safe measure (and not knowing your size/ how long you’ve waited between stretches/ how long you’ve been at your current size) I’d wait 4 - 6 months or so. That is just a rough estimate. It may not take that long.. or it could be longer.

Hope it works out better next time. :)

~MikeyXZ, admin


Anonymous asked:

Hi! My piercer has been in part of a discussion on Facebook regarding proper placement of nipple piercings on men. I'm a man who wants his nipples pierced eventually, but my piercer and her mentor are sticking to their guns on a deep, partially-areolar placement that others are saying causes scarring and is unnecessary. I don't want to change shops (they're one of two APP members in the state), but I also don't want the deeper placement. How do I bring this up?


Can piercings in the areola heal? Sure. On a male there is not much of a safety risk, it could just lead to unsightly or uncomfortable scarring. Just as a safety note it is important to say that piercings should never be placed into the areola on females due to the increased risk of deep breast tissue infections such as mastitis

I will not place a nipple piercing in the areola on purpose myself. I use a freehand technique which makes precise accuracy easier so I never feel the need to place a piercing in the areola. I usually notice piercings in the areola when a piercer uses clamps during the procedure, or when they are not very experienced with freehand techniques. Without getting too technical some piercers have a hard time understanding depth and angle so if they are making a shallow piercing they compensate with additional length or piercing width to get more tissue over the jewelry. In my opinion this is a flawed theory. With an accurate technique you can perform a perfectly viable piercing on a tiny nipple, you don’t need to pierce into the areola to brace it. Deeper and wider are not exclusive. 

Not all piercers understand the theories, techniques, jewelry, or aftercare required to do this. Admittedly I didn’t understand them earlier in my career. When it comes down to it, if a piercer is not willing or able to give you the service you want then explore other options. As I’ve stated before  there is nothing wrong with taking a trip out of town to get the piercing or jewelry you want. 

Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach


Anonymous asked:

Hey there I'm an anon from before and I stretched up to the 14g I was supposed to have and it went great! Couldn't be happier! Trouble is, I guess my nipples are a little too big for the standard size of jewelry, I wear 7/16 tongue barbells because I can't find any right size proper jewelry, do you know any website that sells nipple rings of all lengths? ( I know captive beads or horseshoes work but they get caught in my bra too often) Thanks! should. Anatometal has pre-order barbells in any length. They take a few weeks to get to you, but it’s worth the wait. Trust me. :D

Glad to see it went well. :)

~MikeyXZ, admin

mistresstala asked:

I had my nipples pierced 7 months ago. How long would you wait before you started to stretch them? One side is definitely not as comfortable as the other and quite often stings when I move the ring around.

First, I’d suggest not moving the side that hurts. I had one side take longer to heal too. Really, you are just prolonging the process by agitating it.

I waited a little over a year to stretch mine. Almost 13 months. And I dead stretched with captive bead rings for the first few sizes. Though dead stretching the nips can be a bit hard to do sometimes…

Just be patient and give it a few more months to heal up nicely. :D

I have a few posts on here about the process, if you need some help. Or you could ask me, the ask is always open.

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